Hang in there…I am working on a new post


Photo Credit: Thomas Leuthard via Compfight cc


Vraiment, je travaille comme une folle sur des articles sur Marseille et le style de vie de cette merveilleuse ville!

Ich arbeite wie eine Verrückte an neuen Posts über Marseille und den Lebensstil dieser super Stadt! Ehrlich!

I am working like a crazy person on new posts about the marvelous city of Marseille and its lifestyle. Promised!


Le problème avec ça, c’est justement le style de vie de Marseille. Parce que c’est plutôt “tranquilou tranquilette”…

Gerade dieser Lebensstil verhindert nur leider; dass ein Post fertig wird, denn man sieht die Dinge hier eher entspannt…

The problem with this is that the lifestyle of Marseille is rather relaxed and easy going…



  1. JW

    This is so cool! Our son lives in Marseille with the beautiful woman who will become his wife next month. We are coming from New York for the wedding, and your efforts here help so much! Trying to learn French on our own is so difficult. Thank you. By the way, I believe we have sat in that same outside area where you took this picture.

    1. dreamandtalk (Post author)

      Thank you very much! I took the picture at Place Jean Jaures also known as La Plaine. Greetings to New York! Et bon voyage pour le mariage….


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